182. Rochester Castle, ROCHESTER, KENT.

“For nearly a thousand years the Norman castle keep of this impressive ruin defied the ravages of time…”

C7gjD9RXkAABZtX.jpgRochester Castle from the River by Thomas Girtin 1791-2 (), Kent.


DxHAZAIWsAAzOgr.jpgEnjoy Medway (@Enjoy_Medway); Rochester Castle (2009)

Dp7Qh3XWsAALt_R.jpgAncient Origins (@ancientorigins) Rochester castle, Kent, South East (2018)

DOsNSVJXUAUxR8y.jpgMatthew Ward (@HistoryNeedsYou) Rochester Castle (2017)

Visit Rochester Castle, ROCHESTER, KENT on the Gazetteer of British Ghosts Google Map.


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