180. Richmond, SURREY.

“The old Palace of Richmond was long said to be the scene of scandalous happenings, some concerning Queen Elizabth I, who die here on March 24th, 1603 after having lain in a stupor for days on the point of death…”

DYNKOEjW4AY53eS-1.jpgPete Savin (@pete_savin) Only the Tudor gatehouse remains of Richmond Palace which saw the Honeymoon of Queen Mary (1557) and the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 (2018)


CA8AkIFXEAA-cvN.jpgMuseum of Richmond (@museumrichmond) Richmond Palace in its full glory must have been so beautiful (2015)

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182. Rochester Castle, ROCHESTER, KENT.

“For nearly a thousand years the Norman castle keep of this impressive ruin defied the ravages of time…”

C7gjD9RXkAABZtX.jpgRochester Castle from the River by Thomas Girtin 1791-2 (), Kent.


DxHAZAIWsAAzOgr.jpgEnjoy Medway (@Enjoy_Medway); Rochester Castle (2009)

Dp7Qh3XWsAALt_R.jpgAncient Origins (@ancientorigins) Rochester castle, Kent, South East (2018)

DOsNSVJXUAUxR8y.jpgMatthew Ward (@HistoryNeedsYou) Rochester Castle (2017)

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183. St Albans, HERTFORDSHIRE.

“…noises resembling galloping horses and the clash of armour are alleged to have been repeatedly heard over the years…”


Dk493dyVsAAdRhy.jpgIvy742_JJAspenMoon (@Ivysani742); St Albans (2018)

Dk493EOV4AAt3tL.jpgIvy742_JJAspenMoon (@Ivysani742); St Albans (2018)

159480_5395392c.jpgRob Farrow; The Old Coach House, Salisbury Hall (2006)

5280943_2fd80fd9_original.jpgColin D Brooking; Salisbury Hall, de Havilland base (2017)

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184. St Ives, CORNWALL.

“According to local tradition, phantom bells have long been heard in the vicinity of the famous bay…”

DXr77ohXcAQtYWf.jpgLesley Ninnes (@LesleyNinnes); Gwithian, St Ives Bay (2018)

DhuVKohWkAAfs21.jpg Carolyn Eaton (@CarolynEaton); St Ives Bay (2018)

Dh-JhdmX4AAOwfK.jpgToby Rhodes (@toby_rhodes); Sunset over St Ives bay (2016)

DgiCSP9XcAAiDtf.jpgChris P (@Fabledsoul); Sunset at St Ives Bay (2018)

CjH42hGXEAAtZGL.jpgAli McNamara (@AliMcNamara); Full Moon across St Ives (2016)

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185. Saltwood, NEAR HYTHE, KENT.

“Mysterious lights and a strange figure were seen in the densely wooded area around Saltwood a few years ago…”

DJnffY-XcAM--xb.jpgRichard Heeley (@shekhinicpulse); The Saltwood Horror. One night near Sandling Park a golden light descends behind a belt of trees. A bat-winged, headless apparition emerges. (2017)

DVwFOvxWkAESboH.jpgThe British Pilgrimage Trust (@PilgrimTrust); Summerhouse Hill near Saltwood. Kent’s forgotten holy hill, on the Old Way pilgrimage to Canterbury. (2018)

CmnlUrvXYAAu6ky.jpgLee Gregory (@brecklandbirder); Chinese Pond Heron, Hythe and Saltwood, Kent (2016)

2161399_7f267c57.jpgDavid Anstiss; Tunnel on the Hythe and Sandgate Railway (2010)

2161279_a093c363.jpgDavid Anstiss; Footpath to Sandling Station (2010)

David Anstiss; Elham Valley Way and Hythe and Sandgate Railway (2010)

ByCY3fSIgAANc27.jpgHeucheraholics (@Heucheraholics); Saltwood Castle – Kent (2014)

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186. Sampford Peverell, NEAR TIVERTON, DEVON.

“The scene of a classic ghost story…recounted by the Rev. Caleb Coltin in Narrative of the Sampford Ghost (1810)…”


charles-caleb-colton_jSKXv_800.jpgRev. Charles Caleb Colton

DSh0S0-W4AAIe6B.jpgRichard Heeley (@richardheeley); Grand Western Canal, Sampford Peverell (2018)

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187. Sandringham, NORFOLK

“One footman refused to sleep in the room assigned to him after he claimed to have seen something …’looking like a large paper sack breathing in and out like a grotesque lung’…”


AhfoHf3CIAED656.jpgPaul Harrison (@SkyNewsEditor); Sun begins to rise over the Sandringham Estate (2011)

BaFocC4CQAIWvey.jpgGressenhall Museum (@GressenhallFW); Meet Pippin, a visiting Red Poll Bull from a Sandringham Estate farm (2013)

Ditw4oeX4AEC01y.jpgDougal the Lab (@Dougal_the_Lab); A Sunday stroll on the Sandringham Estate… (2018)

CMKxiY4UsAAZG_U.jpgTravel + Leisure (@TravelLeisure); Sandringham Estate can now be added to your hotel bucket list (2015)

4048444_de9f1710_1024x1024.jpgPaul Bryan; Sandringham House, Norfolk (2009)

4611332_8d361d29.jpgDavid Dixon; Sandringham, The Norwich Gates (2015)

4611340_b1a3a2fb.jpgDavid Dixon; Driveway and Norwich Gates, Sandringham (2015)

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188. Sandwood Bay, Cape Wrath, SUTHERLAND, SCOTLAND.

“…visitors to this desolate but beautiful district have brought back convincing stories of an apparition and strange happenings at the deserted cottages here…”

DkLdvctXsAE2uU4.jpgKat Thomas (@colliefullife); Beautiful Sandwood Bay (2018)

DkLdTC9WsAIimrd.jpgKat Ramsay (@xTantax); Sandwood Bay (2018)

DkyGAeyWsAAuy8c.jpgDerek Beattie (@derekbtimages); Sunset at Sandwood Bay (2018)

DkRIvxeW4AcWfeD.jpgJohn Wilson (@wendal1); Sandwood Bay (2018)


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