175. Poole, DORSET

‘…reported to be the scene of strange happenings not long ago…’

geograph-2751956-by-Mike-Faherty.jpgMike Faherty, Poole, Crown Hotel (2012)

1 Ds9Vl_PW0AA2Wzj.jpegThe Dorset Paranormal Research Team, Crown Hotel, Poole (2018)

2 DKZLssIXcAACLJ9.jpegPaul Christian, Crown Hotel (2017)

4 CTe4y_wUwAAGQU2.jpegEmma Louise, The Crown Hotel, Poole (2015)

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191. Sandford Orcas, NEAR SHERBORNE, DORSET.

“The fine Tudor manor house here is haunted by the figure of a farmer who hanged himself from a trap-door which has since been boarded up…”

geograph-408950-by-Mike-Searle.jpgMike SearleThe village centre, left to Rimpton, right to Sherborne (2007) cc-by-sa/2.0

geograph-2802945-by-Chris-Downer.jpgChris DownerSandford Orcas: the Manor House from the churchyard (2012) cc-by-sa/2.0

891007_e7368af6.jpgMike SearleGatehouse Entrance to Sandford Orcas Manor House (2008) cc-by-sa/2.0

geograph-890992-by-Mike-Searle.jpgMike SearleThe Manor House – Sandford Orcas (2008) cc-by-sa/2.0

BwZSQf4IAAEEJR7.jpgBwZSQACIEAEdKSA.jpgBwZSOYCIUAMXrJ3.jpgSarah Jane Stevens (@textileanddress); Sandford Orcas Manor House near Sherborne (2014)

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194. Sherborne, DORSET.

“His ghost is said to walk around the old castle garden … and to disappear in the arbour, by the tree known as Raleigh’s Oak…”

CfG6G-yXIAALZSsRexers66 (@ReedRex) Sherborne Old Castle North Range (2018)

A5AOAPiCMAArBXTLiz Chapman MBE (@LibraryLizC) Old Castle Sherborne (2012)

DIK8l7oXcAAUSS1Robert Ham (@RBJHam) Sherborne Old Castle (2017)

CrhqrGJWIAAUlUPJoe Oliver (@joe_oliver) Sherborne Old Castle destroyed by Cromwell for being ‘malicious and mischievous’ (2016)

DMa8OCZX4AAjavGBrian Kerr (@jamesbriankerr) Sherborne Old castle on a dreich autumn day (2017)

Ct--aYuW8AADa-I.jpgGatehouse-Gazetteer (@castellddu) Sherborne Old Castle (2016)

Ct--b8jXYAES303Gatehouse-Gazetteer (@castellddu) Sherborne Old Castle (2016)

CrhsWWsWEAEFkphJoe Oliver (@joe_oliver) Sherborne New Castle from Sherborne Old Castle – built by Walter Raleigh when he got ‘tired’ of the old one (2016)

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