178. Reading, BERKSHIRE.

‘A ‘four-roomed house’, somewhere on Oxford Road…’

BNdH89QCMAIS9nt.jpg‘Oxford Road in Reading on the number 17 bus…’ (2013) @CyclingEurope


CYd1Bf4UMAA1Qw-Oxford Road, Reading (1893) @HistoryGlimpses


Dtvitk3W0AAjTYf.jpgThe West [Reading] Laundry / Dunlops Hay & Straw Factors, Oxford Road, Reading (2015); @ghostsigns: “These ghost signs are at the junction of Oxford Road and Kensington Road in West Reading. The photograph was taken on 28th November 2015 during a short period when the sign for the laundry was temporarily on show, having been obscured by shop signage for years; it is again now mostly covered up with other signage. The Dunlops sign is still fully visible (and already archived in The History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive).” (Instagram post)


CCJ2BxTWMAA9_Fk.pngGhost Signs in Oxford Road (2015); @rdgchronicle


Dg0Dd6uWAAAP_L6.jpgTote windows at Reading Stadium (Oxford Road) during its 1973 demolition @HistoryGlimpses


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