180. Richmond, SURREY.

“The old Palace of Richmond was long said to be the scene of scandalous happenings, some concerning Queen Elizabth I, who die here on March 24th, 1603 after having lain in a stupor for days on the point of death…”

DYNKOEjW4AY53eS-1.jpgPete Savin (@pete_savin) Only the Tudor gatehouse remains of Richmond Palace which saw the Honeymoon of Queen Mary (1557) and the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 (2018)


CA8AkIFXEAA-cvN.jpgMuseum of Richmond (@museumrichmond) Richmond Palace in its full glory must have been so beautiful (2015)

Visit Richmond, SURREY on the Gazetteer of British Ghosts Google Map.

233. Windsor Castle, WINDSOR, BERKSHIRE.

“It has at least five ghosts: King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, King Charles I, King George III and…”

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DUxdrubX0AAqeaG.jpgGeorge Fussey (@GeorgeFussey) Sunrise over Windsor Castle from Eton Brocas (2018)

DUuDnmfU8AAaanI.jpgCHESKA (@Queenameryy) Windsor Castle (2018)

DUuDnmdVwAApQ1W.jpgCHESKA (@Queenameryy) Windsor Castle (2018)



screaming ghost corridor

DVyRMdCXcAAzMfE.jpgRoyal Collection Trust (@RCT); Charles WildWindsor Castle: The King’s Closet (1816)

DWHNa5MWAAAFhZw_Fotor.jpgEmma (@howellshetweets) ‘The King’s Dining Room’ at Windsor Castle [series] (2018)DWHNa5IWkAABzsL_Fotor.jpgDWHNa5NWsAALKiJ_Fotor.jpg



DVhTXDXW0AAG1dy.jpgKeith Macdonald (@keith_mac3) Windsor Castle (2018)

DWXElC3X0AAlscF.jpgCentury Past History (@lienhart85Windsor Castle, East Terrace [via Library of Congress (@librarycongress) Photochrom Prints: Print no. “11095.”]

DUpPOvPWkAAdckg.jpgGillian Adair Smith (@Gilly331) Sunday Run around Windsor Castle (2018)

DUpO3tkX0AAxPDL.jpgJ. M. W. Turner (1775-1851) Windsor Castle from the Meadows (1805) [Via Tatebot (@TateBot)]

Visit Windsor Castle, WINDSOR, BERKSHIRE  on the Gazetteer of British Ghosts Google Map.