177. Raynham, NORFOLK

‘Raynham Hall is the home of the famous ‘Brown Lady’ ghost…’

BkKpX6SIMAABan0.jpgBen Pentreath (@BenPentreath) Heaven is the new incredible @WofInteriors with superb article on hidden gem Raynham Hall… (2014)

DXiTdY3X4AA1Bjp.jpgHouse and Heritage (@HousendHeritage) Raynham Hall (2018)

D5JeOPvWwAUKNWV.jpgD5JeORxW4AAfydB.jpgD5JeOQBW0AIdiDM.jpgHouse and Heritage (@_houseandgarden) Perfect country house interiors from Raynham Hall (2019)

DcRgigDU0AAak-5.jpgDcRghApVQAAOiab.jpgAmber (@Na0sGlassMy well-worn Weekly Reader ‘Haunted Houses’ (which I’ve kept since I was 6 years old) published in 1969. Highlights: the story of the Lady of Raynham Hall and the Tulip Staircase. One of the first books I read cover to cover and numerous times. (2018)

DBeba6TWsAA7z0Q.jpgDEADLIVE (@DEADLIVEUKRaynham Hall, Norfolk without a doubt, the Brown Lady is the Hall’s most popular resident ghost. The Lady is thought to be  Lady Dorothy (2017)


DmbyLauWwAEixPg.jpgFlamenco Nut (@flamencobugLady Dorothy Walpole (1686–1726)’s husband Charles Townshend had a v violent temper. Believing her unfaithful, he imprisoned her at home, unable even to see her kids. She died of smallpox, still captive (2018)

DgIdIDbXcAE7hF6.jpgHouse and Heritage (@HousendHeritage) ‘I play the lottery twice a week’: inside the crumbling 7,000-acre estate that one couple expects will cost millions to restore (2018)

Dh01oW2WAAES6a3.jpgAntique Collecting (@AntiqueMagOur front cover this month features an interior from Raynham Hall (2018)

D78u29ZUIAEkrdv.jpgAnnette Lane (2019) Entrance Hall of Raynham Hall, Norfolk; photo courtesy John Unis (2019)

D4SN_UEW4AEZloy.jpgJeffs Comics (@jeffs_comics) In Search of … Ghosts in the Comic Books! (2019)

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