195. Sherrington Manor, SELMESTON, SUSSEX.

“‘Now,’ Mrs Chandless will tell you, ‘none of us feels that we could ever leave here again’…”

CQl87IAUEAAAM2V.jpgLuis Vargas (@Meteovargas) Storm over Selmeston (2015)

DHAtIxsXcAAntAP.jpgRG Poulussen (@rgpoulussen) Crashed Luftwaffe at Mays Farm, Selmeston (12th of August 1940) [series via Imperial War Museums (@I_W_M)]



C89NZv3WsAM6QaO.jpgSimon Anderson (@_overexposed_) Selmeston (2017)

COPu0imWgAAEtpB.jpgDan Wilson (@wilsondan) The church at Selmeston, East Sussex (2015)

DAlqvZHWsAAF3Vi.jpgThe Keep (@TheKeepArchives) Watercolours of Selmeston Church (1886)DAlqzbUXkAA0dyU.jpgDAlq135W0AAVt-Z.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 07.37.30.png

geograph-3027067-by-Dave-Spicer.jpgDave Spicer; Driveway to Sherrington Manor (2012)


Ck2lTLYXAAEZ0YB.jpgRobin Levett (@randhl) Sherrington Manor, Selmeston (2016)


corbella6-138 copy 2_Fotor_Fotorf.jpg

images2 5 copy 2_Fotor copy 2.pngUnderwood speaking with Mrs Chandless in 1962 – the year of the first annual ‘Ghost Club Summer Visit’ to haunted houses – an initiative Underwood inaugurated following his becoming President of the Ghost Club two years earlier.

imageds2 5 copy 2_Fotor_Fotor.jpg

outside chatting_Fotorfds copy 2.png

outside cdhatting_Fotor_Ffsotor.jpg

Ckvm1FBWkAA4Izc.jpgH M Johnson (@BluebirdHelen) Sherrington Manor Gardens [series] (2016)

Ckvm1E9WsAAfMJq.jpgH M Johnson (@BluebirdHelen) Sherrington Manor Gardens [series] (2016)

AwI9gXBCIAAyKCg.jpgThe Cricketers Arms (@TCricketersArms) Selmeston CC (2012)

CI4-UAqWcAEgRiaCI4-T86WEAA1UPdCI4-UCVWwAQxVARAdrian Backshall (@adrian_momodem1Last evening at Selmeston… [series] (2015)

sherrington manor negative switch.gif

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224. West Grinstead, SUSSEX.

“About a mile from West Grinstead, there are the scanty remains of Knepp Castle…where a ghostly white doe is still occasionally seen nibbling the lush green grass….”

DAf4sRVW0AATeTFMatthew Willis (@NavalAirHistory); Knepp Castle (2017)

C4x0U_UWQAAd15eConnor (@ConnorEcology); Herd of deer moving in front of Knepp Castle (2017)

Ct_0CawXYAAdLbpAlan (@EvolvedIT); Knepp Castle (2017)

3243767_0e130570The Saunterer; Deer in Knepp Park (2012)


5295011_8a2d443dPeter Holmes; Southeast elevation of Knepp Castle (2012)


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232. Winchelsea, SUSSEX.

“The picturesque ruins of an old Franciscan monastery…was once the home of two highwaymen brothers, who are said to haunt the roads hereabouts…”

Cbmu0EuW8AQhXHFstiffleaf @stiffleaf); Greyfriars, Winchelsea (2016)


friars ruins misty green1-Winchelsea-Friary-Chapelfeature image grey friarsgreyfriarshouse

(‘Greyfriars’ a country house built in 1819, to which the ruins of the Church of the Greyfriars is attached – is a Private Residence.]

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